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JPEG Site sponsorship

Our objectives
Our goal is to improve the quality of our information delivery, and to help us keep up our high standards of information delivery to JPEG, and users of its technology. These were recognised by ISO awarding SC29, JPEG's parent committee the first Lawrence Eicher award for excellence in its business processes.
If your organisation is involved in, uses, or contributes to JPEG standards, you could benefit from the wide visibility of the site by becoming one of our sponsors.

Why sponsor or advertise with us?
Why are JPEG looking for funding for their web site? Until now, its operation has fallen on one small company, and the demand for JPEG 2000 technology means that there needs to be much for information dissemination.

  • the site is first port of call for developers and technology users
  • itwill be positioned todrive quality leads to advertisers and sponsors
  • as a "not for profit" operation,every contribution will help improve its quality and reach
  • to balance out the costs of operation over a much larger community

The site's design, using Elysium Ltd's Xalter CMS solution provides flexibility for negotiated special requirements. Here is a list of basic costs for a choice of sponsoring possibilities - more combinations can be considered upon request:

  • front page sponsor links - $2200 per annum
    also has opportunity to have linked page within JPEG site for JPEG related information, or link to own site
    has link, and 'roll-over' mini-ad/logo on the front page
  • footer of every page viewed (at least ten per cent chance on any page) - $5500 p.a.
  • specific page, r/h banner - $550 p.a.
  • improved postioning in solutions directory - from $250 upwards p.a.

Ranking and hit counts
Currently, www.jpeg.org ranks in the worlds top 300,000 sites at Alexa, and our intent is to improve this position significantly over the next year. The site's search engine positioning is #1 at Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, askJeeves, and every major search engine for term "JPEG".
We currently average between 7 and 10 thousand page hits per day.

To become one of our sponsors, or request further details, please contact us at support@jpeg.org.

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