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JBIG JBIG Homepage

Welcome to the official JBIG homepage. This leads to links to JBIG's committee members' sites, as well as other useful sources of information about JBIG. If you are a member of the JBIG committee (see 'how to join JBIG') and you wish to enter the private Web site, please click on the 'members' button on the left.

What is JBIG?

JBIG is short for the 'Joint Bi-level Image experts Group'. This was (and is) a group of experts nominated by national standards bodies and major companies to work to produce standards for bi-level image coding. The 'joint' refers to its status as a committee working on both ISO and ITU-T standards. The 'official' title of the committee is ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29 Working Group 1, and is responsible for both JPEG and JBIG standards.

JBIG have developed IS 11544 (ITU-T T.82) for the lossless compression of a bi-level image. It can also be used for coding greyscale and colour images with limited numbers of bits per pixel. It can be seen as a form of facsimile encoding, similar to Group 3 or Group 4 fax, offering between 20 and 80% improvement in compression over these methods (about 20 to one over the original uncompressed digital bit map).

More recently, work is nearing technical completion on a new standard known as JBIG2 which offers significant technical advantages over both MMR and JBIG1 coding. Further information and the latest technical draft are available.

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