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JPEG About our committee
This site is used for document distribution and discussion by the international JPEG and JBIG groups, who represent a wide variety of companies and academic institutions worldwide. JPEG stands for 'Joint Photographic Experts Group', and JBIG for 'Joint Bi-level Image experts Group' - the term 'Joint' refers to the link between the standardisation bodies that created these working groups, ISO and ITU-T.

Many of JPEG's common texts with the ISO are freely downloadable from the ITU-T web site at http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-T/en - these include:

  • Original JPEG recommendation - T.81 (and others)
  • JPEG 2000 series of recommendations - T.800 Part 1 and others
  • JBIG
JPEG XR will soon be made available as ITU-T Recommendation T.832

JPEG meets at least three times a year to discuss and create the standards for still image compression. This site has links to many other sites containing content of interest and relevance to the JPEG and JBIG communities.

The links should be of general interest to the still imaging community - if you want to suggest we include further links to your site, please email the Webmaster.

To participate in the work of the JPEG and JBIG committees, or to have access to all the information the site contains about new initiatives such as JPEG 2000, you must be a member of the committee, or of a body which has 'liaison' status with us. Initially, you should contact your national standards body, and ask them about how you can help in the work of the 'ISO SC29/WG1' committee (to give JPEG and JBIG their proper title). We always welcome active new participants to our standards process. For more details about how we work....

Welcome to our site - enjoy....

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